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Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness  is training the body for real-life movements or activities of daily living (ADL’s). Reaching, squatting, pulling, and lifting are made easier when functional fitness is integrated into your exercise routine.

Benefits of Functional Fitness:

Strength — Building and maintaining muscle strength and function.

Flexibility — Keeping joints and muscles supple and moving with ease.

Endurance — Sustaining movement that improves cardiovascular health and performance.

Balance — Staying secure and strong on your feet to prevent falls.

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Sugar: The Bare Facts

If too much of a good thing is a bad thing, then sugar should be on the top of the list. An excessive sweet tooth can have a negative affect on the body and our emotions.

Below are a few facts about sugar:

1. Unstable blood sugar can contribute to mood swings, fatigue, and headaches. ( Also, known as sugar rush and crash.)

2. Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health issues.

3. Immune function can be affected by sugar.

4. Sugar can accelerate aging.

5. Sugar causes tooth decay and loss.

6. Sugar can cause gum disease, which can lead to heart disease.

Begin to monitor your sugar intake and make adjustments by cutting back or eliminating sugar from your diet. You will feel and see a difference!

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Toning vs. Bulking

Toning and Bulking are different physical goals when you’re working out. Do you want your body to be toned and tight? Or do you want to increase muscle size and be tight and sculpted?

Toning is reducing the appearance of body fat by tightening up the muscles and giving them shape. The formula for toning is lifting lighter weights and more repetitions per set.

Bulking is to increase muscle mass and make the muscles bigger. The formula for bulking  is lifting heavier weights and less repetitions per set.

If you haven’t returned to the gym and don’t have heavy weights at home –you’re toning. If you want to see results remember the formula!

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In-Home Gym

Renew or not renew your gym membership after Covid-19? The fitness industry is wrestling on how to safely service its members and remain profitable. Until there’s a vaccine it’s possible that people will not return to the gyms anytime soon. The reality is no one knows how or when this pandemic will end. Fortunately, taking control of our health and fitness is still in our control. This is the time to invest in an in-home gym with a few pieces of equipment.

I started the Keep It Fit Inc., Youtube channel, with a set of weights, a fitball, in a corner of a room. Like you, Covid, took me by surprise. I lived in the gym! Never, did I anticipate not having access to my second home. Now, through adapting and reimagining my fitness program, I was able to pivot and invite others to join me on Youtube.

This quarantine has opened opportunities to explore different methods to accomplishing our goals. Use this time to create an in-home gym and try different activities while you have the freedom to experiment.

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I received a legal notice from a prominent fitness organization that filed Chapter 11- Bankruptcy. Its opening statement: “I am writing to share a quick update with you about our financial restructuring, which will allow us to make our company stronger and improve our fitness offerings to best serve our members.”

As I read the statement, I made it personal and highlighted words that leaped off the page. The Great I AM, is writing to share a quick update about your financial restructuring, it will make you stronger and improve your offerings to best serve your community, family, ministry and society.

The pandemic has disrupted our lives as we struggle to define our new normal. Fortunately, we’ve been given time to restructure priorities, plans and purposes for a better future.

Stay encouraged–it’s not over yet!

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Create a Self-Care Plan

In this Covid-19 era, creating and adhering to a self-care plan has become critical for overall health. A self-care plan are specific activities you will do to improve your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health.

The right selfcare plan can reduce stress, anxiety, improve moods and keep you healthy for the long term. Identify activities that support your well-being and create a customized selfcare plan that will work specifically for you.

Examples of self-care activities:

Physical – Exercise & Healthy Diet

Spiritual – Prayer & Meditation

Emotional – Take deep breaths (Pause) before expressing your feelings

Mental- Positive Affirmations

Selfcare encourages a healthy relationship with yourself which transmits good feelings towards others. You can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself.

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It’s All About The Shoes!

Proper shoes are important for optimal performance during exercise. Improper footwear can result in injury, instability, foot pain, backaches and other issues. There’s no universal shoe to accommodate all physical activities.

Running shoes are designed to support forward movement and to cushion the impact of striking the pavement with every stride.

Cross-Trainers are designed to support lateral movement. They’re often used in the gym or for walking . If you participate in different sports it would be wise to purchase shoes specific for that activity.

Your shoes should be comfortable, provide support and aid you during a workout. If you’re experiencing pain or not performing well, sometimes– it’s all about the shoes!

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