Pre-Existing Conditions

Covid-19 has exposed the ugly truth about pre-existing conditions and the health disparities that exist in our country. Now, is the time to be proactive to improve your health in spite of these underlying health conditions. Some pre-existing conditions fall into one of these categories: Preventable, Reversible and Manageable. Here are a few suggestions toContinue reading “Pre-Existing Conditions”

Caution: It’s Hot!

The temperatures are rising as we progress into the summer. Take these precautions while exercising in hot weather: drink plenty of water, wear proper clothing and time your workouts to avoid extreme heat (mornings & evenings). Signs of heat related illnesses may include: Muscle cramps Nausea or vomiting Weakness Fatigue Headache Excessive sweating Dizziness orContinue reading “Caution: It’s Hot!”

Hamster Wheel

Remember, the pet hamster that ran on the wheel everyday in his cage. Exercising in our homes during the quarantine may feel that way. The hamster without urging or provoking gets on his wheel and run. He takes breaks to rest, eat, sleep, etc…but eventually he gets back on. There are benefits to the hamster’sContinue reading “Hamster Wheel”

Healthy Living for Stronger Faith

Healthy Living for Stronger Faith is great information to implement into our daily lives. Covid-19 has temporarily postponed our social interactions which is a key component to healthy living. Use this time to gain a greater appreciation for family, friends, co-workers, people and church services. Keep It Fit, Lynee

Keep It Fit during Covid-19

Hello Fit Family, Welcome to my new blog! My intention was to start this blog months ago. Never in a million years, did I or anyone think, that a Pandemic would invade our world and change our normal. Now, I’m asking, myself, why did I procrastinate in the first place? Time or the lack thereof,Continue reading “Keep It Fit during Covid-19”

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