The Joy of Moving

Discovering the joy of moving is a difficult task for many. When fitness professionals mention the health benefits of movement, many hear exercise and tune out. They remember high school PE, personal trainers from hell and over the top fitness instructors. Just because you had a bad experience associated with physical fitness doesn’t mean youContinue reading “The Joy of Moving”

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating isn’t about hunger. It’s about comfort, relieving stress, fighting boredom, loneliness and rewarding ourselves. If you struggle with emotional eating chances are you’ve been in overdrive since the pandemic. Emotional eating is a coping mechanism to survive life circumstances. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fix our problems, it exacerbates them. Emotional eating leads to overeating,Continue reading “Emotional Eating”

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness  is training the body for real-life movements or activities of daily living (ADL’s). Reaching, squatting, pulling, and lifting are made easier when functional fitness is integrated into your exercise routine. Benefits of Functional Fitness: Strength — Building and maintaining muscle strength and function. Flexibility — Keeping joints and muscles supple and moving with ease. Endurance — Sustaining movement that improves cardiovascularContinue reading “Functional Fitness”

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