Meditation & Yoga

Given the anxiety and stress levels during the Pandemic, more and more people are turning to Meditation and Yoga to improve their health. The  body responds to stress, worry over jobs loss, finances, anxiety about the future or other problems with tense muscles, pain, headaches, stomach problems, sleep deprivation, etc… Meditation and Yoga are formatsContinue reading “Meditation & Yoga”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and Covid-19 has forced us to celebrate differently and cautiously. Maybe, you’re zooming during your meal, teleconferencing or creating new traditions. No matter what, the pandemic has giving us an opportunity to readjust our priorities, value time, family, health and freedom. So, let’s have an attitude of gratitude and tackleContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

The Joy of Moving

Discovering the joy of moving is a difficult task for many. When fitness professionals mention the health benefits of movement, many hear exercise and tune out. They remember high school PE, personal trainers from hell and over the top fitness instructors. Just because you had a bad experience associated with physical fitness doesn’t mean youContinue reading “The Joy of Moving”

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