Employment & Fitness Service Provider


We provide educational,  job training,  and job Placement services to equip members of society with the tools  necessary to obtain sustainable employment.  We prepare and assist  our clients in navigating educational and career choices that will remove barriers of employment.

Job Skills Training – We teach skills, reinforce learned skills and set up accommodations  and/ or compensatory techniques to increase the customer’s independence and to meet the employer’s expectations.

Job Placement Services –  We educate and assist the customer in executing the skills necessary to prepare for and complete job searching activities necessary to obtain competitive integrated employment.

Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT) – We train individuals  in skills necessary to address disability  issues, interpersonal skills, daily living skills, and vocational  impairment issues that interfere with a customer obtaining or maintaining  employment.


We recruit, hire and manage fitness professionals for Government, Corporations and Nonprofits health and wellness  programs. Tell us your needs and we will provide the services to create the fitness program for your demographic.  General, Senior, Prenatal or Postpartum  fitness are available to your organization.

Benefits  of a Health and Wellness program includes:

A healthy workforce

Decrease in absenteeism

Increase in Productivity

Decrease stress and anxiety

Reduce health care cost


We participate in health and wellness workshops/events to provide information on uplifting and motivating our spirits through adopting healthy lifestyles for better living.




















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