In-Home Gym

Renew or not renew your gym membership after Covid-19? The fitness industry is wrestling on how to safely service its members and remain profitable. Until there’s a vaccine it’s possible that people will not return to the gyms anytime soon. The reality is no one knows how or when this pandemic will end. Fortunately, taking control of our health and fitness is still in our control. This is the time to invest in an in-home gym with a few pieces of equipment.

I started the Keep It Fit Inc., Youtube channel, with a set of weights, a fitball, in a corner of a room. Like you, Covid, took me by surprise. I lived in the gym! Never, did I anticipate not having access to my second home. Now, through adapting and reimagining my fitness program, I was able to pivot and invite others to join me on Youtube.

This quarantine has opened opportunities to explore different methods to accomplishing our goals. Use this time to create an in-home gym and try different activities while you have the freedom to experiment.

Keep It Fit,


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