Keep It Fit: Mind & Spirit

Typically, I write about keeping the body fit through exercise and nutrition. In light of recent events, I thought it best to write about the mind and spirit. We’ve been bombarded with the disturbing images of the deaths of George Floyd, Armaud Arbery and the list of others who were killed at the hands of police or a modern day lynch mob.

These images have left an indelible mark on the minds of many in the United States and the world. The raw emotions, outrage, and outcries are exhausting and justified. However, in the midst of protesting and fighting for change, self-care becomes a necessity.

Giving ourselves a break from the 24 hour new cycles, yet, remaining aware is necessary. Do something that creates positive memories and pleasure for our minds and senses. Read, write, paint, sing, draw or dance. Allow the mind to recuperate, relax and renew itself.

Make time to nourish, energize and strengthen our spirits. Pray, worship, meditate, listen to inspirational music, cry, laugh, scream, breathe, get centered, focused and connected. There’s much work to be done and Total Wellness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit are needed for the journey.

Keep It Fit,


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