Hamster Wheel

Remember, the pet hamster that ran on the wheel everyday in his cage. Exercising in our homes during the quarantine may feel that way. The hamster without urging or provoking gets on his wheel and run. He takes breaks to rest, eat, sleep, etc…but eventually he gets back on.

There are benefits to the hamster’s ongoing physical activity. He’s increasing his endurance, stamina, reducing stress, maintaining and/or reducing his weight. Staying active is critical to the hamster’s overall health and the same is true for you.

Occasionally, the pet owner, will allow the hamster out of his cage, but has to keep a watchful eye on his pet. The hamster has energy to roam and doesn’t waste time during his brief taste of freedom. He appreciates the opportunity to be out and because he trained for it–he doesn’t tire easily.

There are numerous lessons we can learn from the hamster wheel during this crises: don’t be stagnate, use time wisely, and develop your mind, body and spirit. If we do these things, we should emerge with an attitude of gratitude and be careful not to take time, family or friends for granted.

Keep It Fit,


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